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Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc. is an award-winning, national consulting practice serving entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized privately held and family-owned businesses and middle market companies of any type with revenues between $1 million and $250 million.

Our competitive advantage in the marketplace includes: (i) our “performance-based approach,” which eliminates the risk of doing business with us, (ii) our certifications in the things we do in addition to our commitment to ethics, which further enhances our creditability & trust, (iii) the scope and breath of our experience working with small, mid-sized and middle market businesses, coupled with our extensive industry knowledge in many industries, (iv) our agility in the customized solutions we offer our clients, and (v) our unique “post-consulting, follow-up approach” focused on “project alignment and attainment” along with a significant “project ROI,” which we believe is second to none in our industry. The success of our competitive advantage is evident in the many accolades we have received. For example:

Greater Prairie received a “Best of America Small Business Award” for "Business Consulting." Corporate Vision Magazine selected Greater Prairie “Best Consultancy for Small Businesses in Tx,” and the firm was also identified as the “Best Business Management Consulting Firm in Irving, Tx” by the “Best of Irving” Award Program.

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Our compendious business analysis process – including our Performance Potential Indicator (PPI) Scorecard sm – results-oriented consultative services, practices, and industry leading follow-up approach helps business owners maximize the performance of their business, transform their lifestyles, and more quickly achieve their personal and business dreams.

Ignoring the problems holding back your business can lead to stagnation and negatively impact your employees' productivity, quality, safety, morale, retention, and customer focus.

Prolonged inaction will eventually erode a business' competitiveness, ability to attract top talent and lead to chronic stagnation, which will significantly impact the company's sales, profits, cash flow, and market share - or worse - threaten the business' very existence !

We specialize in helping you transcend all these problems, significantly improve the performance of your business, quality of life, and net worth, while also helping you ensure a successful exit and succession to the next generation of owners.

We are also certified in both succession and exit planning and have the expertise and resources to educate owners about their different exit options - options most owners and their professionals don't even know exist - and deliver real value by utilizing advanced exit strategies to help business owners plan for their succession and maximize their exit consistent with their goals & objectives for the business.

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FAQS - Business Management DFW

A: Greater Prairie offers a wide range of services including business analysis, business advisory, process management, leadership development, strategic planning, exit planning, business valuation, succession planning, ISO certification preparation, change management, lean manufacturing, customer and employee surveys, sales, management & leadership training and expert witness services.

A: Greater Prairie has worked with virtually every type of business. The firm specializes in serving small businesses, mid-sized, and middle market companies in many different industries, including for-profits, non-profits, sole proprietorships, start-ups, family-owned businesses, minority business enterprises, ESOPS, franchises, union shops, joint ventures, partnerships, publicly traded companies, minority owned businesses, C Corps., S Corps, LLCs, INC 5000 businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Our project experience includes manufacturers, job shops, wholesale distributors, retail businesses, construction companies, specialty contractors, engineering & architectural firms, transportation & logistics businesses, dealerships, services, aviation, alternative energy, R&D, telecom, restaurants, caterers, education, computer hardware, computer software, real estate, financial services, mortgage bankers & brokers, advertising, agriculture, forestry, landscaping services, oil & gas, government contractors, disaster services, medical equipment suppliers, healthcare providers, publishing, and more …

A: You can get in touch with us by calling us at 1-800-828-7585, emailing us at info@gpbusinesssolutions.com, scheduling an appointment using our appointment link on our Contact Page, or filling out the Contact Form on our Contact Page.

A: Yes, Greater Prairie is extremely knowledgeable about the steps and issues involved in the project management process and provides outstanding project management consulting, along with a variety of other professional services.

A: Greater Prairie is recognized as one of the top firms due to their expertise, experience, thought leadership, focus on ethics, and track record of success.

A: The advisors at Greater Prairie specialize in strategic leadership development, process improvement, business and organizational advisory, business solutions, exit planning, business valuation, succession planning, and financial services, sales and marketing planning, sales training, sales management training, turnarounds, proper overhead allocation, employee productivity improvement, pricing strategies, integrated software solutions, job costing and other cost controls, project management, credit collections, talent acquisition and staffing, performance based job descriptions, employee counseling, accountability, management and leadership training, safety and compliance, customer service training, team building, lean principles, financial modeling, audits, strategy, compensation plans, bonuses & incentive plans, accountability, employee counseling, purchasing / supply chain, inventory controls, cash management, preventive maintenance reporting, policies and procedures, bank financing packages, exit planning, succession planning, business plans, business loans, business valuations, breakeven, public relations strategies, improved culture and employee morale, ISO certification preparation, tax strategies, improved business systems, and more.

A: Absolutely, Greater Prairie offers expertise in change implementation and change management to help businesses adapt and thrive in dynamic environments … We are so confident in our results that we offer clients a “performance guarantee.”

A: Our firm is recognized nationally as a thought leader in the consulting industry, but we also stand out due to our commitment to delivering tailored solutions and achieving exceptional results for our clients.