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Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc.’s results-oriented consulting services are designed to make improving any business a quick, easy, educational, long-lasting, financially rewarding experience. (Click Here to download our corporate brochure.)

Our services are offered as part of a three-(3) step proprietary process that includes:

  1. An objective, third-party business analysis and comprehensive findings report, which includes our "Performance Potential Indicator" (PPI) Scorecard sm that evaluates important value drivers of your business overlooked by most competitors and can provide important insights to dramatically increase the value of your business and personal wealth and ensure a successful future exit from your business.
  2. Professional assistance with change implementation; and
  3. Our Profit Assurance Partnership Program (P.A.P.P) sm – a 12-month, post consulting follow-up program consisting of four quarterly visits designed to ensure project alignment & attainment, along with a substantial project ROI. (Click Here for our PAPP Brochure.)

In addition to our 12-month follow-up program, what makes us unique in the industry is our method of payment, which includes no up-front cost, and a guarantee of value many times in excess of our fees “we let our clients define,” along with our contractual commitment that requires we prove our worth each day we work on site with our clients.

A Louis Harris poll of 2,000 business owners revealed that 2/3’s of business owners consider themselves successful beyond even their expectations, and given the chance to start over 78% of these respondents said they would choose to be in the very same business.

If you don't consider yourself successful beyond your expectations, schedule an appointment to learn more about our services or contact us today ! We can help you move from ordinary to extraordinary !

Project Visualization

consulting process

Consultants help solve problems others cannot solve on their own. “PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION” is the first step in the process and occurs when a client recognizes a problem that they cannot solve. Greater Prairie Business Consultants offer a “performance-based,” third-party assessment to define the problem, the cost of the problem, and identify the solutions during a detailed "findings meeting".

If the client chooses to have our firm help them solve the problem, we create a scope of work, outlining project objectives – including performance metrics – so improvements can be quantified and tracked against these metrics.

During the second step in the process, “ SOLUTION DESIGN PHASE,” the consultant works with the business owner(s,) management team and other key employees to identify how to better allocate resources, enhance the current culture, introduce industry best practices, etc.

During the “IMPLEMENTATION PHASE," the consultant and client implement the solutions and track the improved performance, and then during the “POST CONSULTING PHASE” the consultant continues to work with the client over the next year to ensure “project alignment & attainment,” along with a significant “project ROI.”

After our “PROFIT ASSURANCE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM sm (PAPP)” has been completed, the client’s project ROI continues into the future – so long as the client maintains the systems, procedures, and controls established during the consulting project.

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